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Landscaping is an integral part of any exterior design. Whether you are planning a pool or outdoor living spaces, what you do with the surrounding area is very important to the overall outcome.

We design beautiful landscapes that will accent your architecture, and blend perfectly with new and existing design features.

Landscape Materials
The materials chosen for your landscape or hardscape project are important not only in terms of aesthetics, but in terms of functionality. Always discuss selections with your contractor to determine the correct material for your expected application and usage.

Pavers and Tile
Pavers are a fabricated paving product, designed to be laid in a variety of patterns. The oldest paver that most people are familiar with is the standard red brick. However, since the 1980's, a wide variety of pavers have been introduced, enough so that if you're interested in pavers, you'll be able to find one that matches your style.

You'll find the most selection in the concrete interlocking paver style, though clay and travertine are also common. Pavers are typically installed over a gravel and sand, though many are available as a veneer to can be installed on concrete (helpful if you have an existing concrete patio and want to tie it into a new paving area).

Besides aesthetics, some of the benefits of pavers over poured concrete is that pavers are much less susceptible to cracking, it is easy to replace pieces if necessary, as well as being able to gain access to underground utilities without destroying any of the paving material. The primary manufacturers that we have access to in Southern California are BelgardOrcoAcker-StoneAngelus and RCP.

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Belgard Catalina
These pavers provide a contemporary look with clean lines with Anglina edgers setting the planter apart.

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Interlocking Bricks
Interlocking bricks provide a very durable surface that is suitable for driveways and pool areas.

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Interlocking Pavers
Stone top pavers provide eye-catching texture

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A traditional paver surface that is perfect for your hardscaping project.

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Mega Arbel
Arbel offers a perfectly integrated, natural-looking answer for hardscaping.

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Mega Arbel
Arbel pavers flow harmoniously into the surrounding landscape


Concrete Finishes
Concrete has been used for centuries as a paving material, it is strong and can be installed in a array of finishes and colors. Cracking is a natural occurring property of concrete, but the unsightliness of cracks can be greatly mediated by using a pattern of saw-cuts so that the cracks happen in the cut where they aren't able to be noticed. Various concrete finishes are highlighted in the images below and see Davis Colors for available concrete color selections.

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Trowel Finish Concrete

A float, or trowel, finish can create swirl or arc patterns with smooth to coarse textures.

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Saw Finish Concrete
Saw cutting concrete after it is partially set allows for the least amount of visible cracks, as the cracks will form in the cuts.

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Sandblasted Concrete
Sandblasting concrete creates a distinctive aged texture, including exposing aggregate.

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Broom Finish Concrete

A broom finish is available as either a light or heavy broom depending on the amount of texture and anti-slip properties that you're looking for.

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Stained Finish Concrete
Stained concrete brings out a depth that can't be replicated, available in a variety of colors to match your palate.

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Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete comes in a variety of textures, can be made to resemble a natural stone or a formed paver or brick pattern.


There is a wide selection of outdoor tiles. Tile as a hardscaping material is generally used as an accent piece in poured concrete, such as bands or to designate an area such as a patio cover or fire-pit. Tile is installed on either new or existing concrete, so can be an cost-effective face lift to an existing concrete patio if it is in good condition.

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Slate Tile

Slate patio tile is exceptionally beautiful and durable natural stone that provides a distinctive look.

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Travertine Tile
Travertine tiles are a classic material material that provide a clean look.

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Mexican Paver Tiles
Fired ceramic tiles that add a rustic, authentic look to your decor.


Natural Stone
Natural stone can be a beautiful choice to incorporate into your backyard landscaping to create the most natural setting. For large pieces, a flagstone is used, commonly quarried from slate, quartzite, sandstone or limestone. Flagstone can be installed onto concrete or a gravel and sand base. On concrete you'll have grout, on a sand base you can have sand or a decorative pebble or gravel in between stones.

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Flagstones & Gravel
Using gravel or pebbles between stones makes for a more rustic setting.

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Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone pavers provide a durable, natural surface ideal for some aesthetics.
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Decomposed Granite
Decomposed granite is very versatile, and can be used for paths, driveways, and dog runs.

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